Quality & Safety

The production of high-performance turbomachinery is the cornerstone of the Rotoflow organization. As both a manufacturer and an operator, we are able to keep all equipment and all processes in-house, ensuring exceptional quality and safety. Our dedicated turbomachinery facilities across the globe are large enough to handle the biggest applications but focused enough to provide even the smallest projects with the quality and exceptional service that our customers expect.

Quality is Essential, Safety is Paramount

Quality standards are essential to the Rotoflow production process. Our quality control measures include inspection, balancing, ambient and cryogenic spin testing, and hydro and pneumatic pressure testing, all performed at cutting-edge inspection and testing facilities. Rotoflow is ISO 9001:2015 certified, one of the most recognized worldwide standards for quality management systems and practices, ensuring we continue to meet the rigorous quality standards needed to provide premier products and services. View our most recent ISO Certificate (ANAB) and ISO Certificate (UKAS).

Safety is paramount at Rotoflow. All Rotoflow turbomachinery is designed and manufactured to stringent safety requirements, and every one of our technicians has undergone extensive safety training and adheres to global safety policies.

API & Customer Specification Compliance

Rotoflow can provide a wide range of product offerings to meet every type of application. Whether delivering value-driven offerings based on Rotoflow standards and decades of direct operational experience and feedback, or providing highly specification-compliant offerings, Rotoflow meets the needs and expectations of clients looking for full compliancy to API and other industry standards as well as customer-specific requirements.

American Petroleum Institute (API) standards can be applied broadly to turbomachinery and their associated auxiliaries and support systems, but to apply them properly to equipment for a specific application can be intimidating and overwhelming. It’s important to not only understand what is being asked for in the standards, but why. It is for this reason that Rotoflow is actively involved in the development and shaping of API standards. We currently participate in API-617 and API-614 standards committees and have previously participated in API-RP-684 and API-613 committees.

Rotoflow has experience with all major industry standards including API, ISO, ASME, CE, ATEX, GOST-R/TRCU, JHPGSL, and SQL. We will work with you to understand your turbomachinery requirements and leverage our knowledge and experience to determine the best solution for your needs.