Field Service

As a manufacturer and operator of rotating equipment, Rotoflow knows first-hand how important it is to keep turbomachinery operating at peak performance. And we know from experience that regular maintenance is essential to maintaining long-term efficiency. Setting up inspection and service schedules can help to identify repairs and overhauls before they’re needed, avoiding unexpected downtime. We have immediate access to materials and equipment and can rapidly dispatch a technician to get you back online as soon as possible.

Get help in an emergency

When you face an issue with your turbomachinery, we mobilize quickly to safely and efficiently troubleshoot and repair your equipment.  Our 24/7/365 global support line +1 601-706-6000 puts you in contact with our field service personnel, ready to provide the support to get your equipment back online as soon as possible.  And our experienced team is skilled at servicing and repairing all brands of turboexpanders, in addition to Rotoflow® equipment.

Benefit from our experience

Having turboexpander issues but not sure you need onsite field service? Call Rotoflow 24/7/365 for consultative troubleshooting with an engineering, manufacturing, or repair expert. Rotoflow engineers and technicians are highly trained to identify causes of damage and recommend operational changes that will help avoid future problems. With successful engagements across the globe, our technicians are also uniquely qualified to help with installation and commissioning of any brand of rotating equipment. They know how critical this step is to the functioning of your overall operation and are ready to guide the process from start to finish.