Responsive & Resourceful

Rotoflow’s skilled service technicians have years of experience with a wide range of rotating and reciprocating equipment. We mobilize quickly to complete a job safely and efficiently. Rotoflow aftermarket services and support is available 24/7/365. We are a full-service OEM—whether you need service in the field, a reliable spare parts inventory, or quick access to system upgrades, Rotoflow keeps your turbomachinery operating at peak performance. And we service and repair all brands of expanders, in addition to Rotoflow® equipment.

To ensure we are able to readily meet the needs of our customers with world-class support and efficient and cost-effective service and solutions, Rotoflow continues to expand our service center locations. No matter your location, our global solution centers in North America, Middle East and Asia offer complete rotating equipment support, whether you need repairs or are looking to optimize performance and reliability. Each center is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic, testing, balancing, and machining equipment and able to provide remote monitoring and support to optimize and troubleshoot equipment.

Shop & Field Repairs

To ensure consistent quality and performance, the same facilities and work processes used in manufacturing new Rotoflow equipment are used to repair customer machinery. In addition, our engineers and technicians are highly trained to identify causes of damage and recommend operational changes that will help avoid future problems.

Spare Parts

Worldwide availability of spare parts for Rotoflow turbomachinery, as well as any other turboexpander equipment on the market today, enables Rotoflow to quickly meet your needs and minimize your risk of downtime. Our agile supply chain enables us to expedite the delivery of all parts. We can also work with you to develop your own spare parts inventory.

Field Service

Rotoflow is a full-service organization committed to quick response to customer needs. Our skilled team of global field engineers, technicians, and maintenance crews is available 24/7/365 to handle any equipment issues you may encounter. We have immediate access to materials and equipment, and a technician will be dispatched to get you back on line. Read more about our Field Service.

Upgrades & Rerates

Whether you need upgrades or rerates, Rotoflow is focused on being both responsive and resourceful. Upgrades can include modifications made to equipment to improve machine reliability and performance, i.e., improved bearings, seals, and coatings. Rerates are ideal for new process conditions, debottleneck, handle hire duty, leverage existing assets, or increase production.

Rotoflow’s specializations in operating plant engineering allow us to focus on increasing your reliability.

Inventory Management

At Rotoflow we know how important it is to have the right turbomachinery parts at the right time to carry out both planned and emergency repairs. By holding spares and bonded inventory at our facilities, we can reduce your lead times and help you manage inventory and ensure that you aren’t missing critical spare parts. We provide a single source for all of your inventory management needs.

Fleet Optimization

For customers with different types of operating units, Rotoflow can help standardize these units and minimize the number of machinery types. This reduces the amount of required spares, enhances reliability, and standardizes and improves operations.

Performance Assessments

Rotoflow can analyze the performance of existing turbomachinery equipment and processes and determine effective improvement strategies, whether through upgrades or rerates. As an Air Products business, our vast industrial gas experience ensures expert performance, reliability, and operational data assessments.

Reliability Assessments/RCA

Rotoflow’s extensive expertise allows us to take a deep-dive approach to root cause analysis, gathering pertinent data and conducting rigorous analyses as we perform optimization-focused reliability assessments.

Reverse Engineering

Based on our extensive knowledge of and experience with turbomachinery systems and parts, Rotoflow can reverse-engineer parts from any number of manufacturers to OEM specifications.

Remote Monitoring

Rotoflow successfully monitors and maintains hundreds of industrial gas facilities around the world using proprietary software designed for predictive monitoring and fault diagnosis. At the foundation of this data monitoring technology are predictive models uniquely built for each plant or each piece of equipment. Using our unique algorithms and applied learnings, Rotoflow can help you run your specific site at its optimum level of cost and efficiency.


Rotoflow can provide your staff with operational and maintenance support, training, and technical advice designed to improve safety, reliability, and efficiency within your facility—and help reduce overall operating costs. All training programs can be customized to meet your plant’s individual needs.

Plant Assessments & Upgrades

Rotoflow can evaluate your plant and provide solutions to boost production, reduce power consumption, enhance safety, increase reliability, and much more. As part of Air Products, we have a deep understanding of technical plant functions and a vast technical bench behind us. We are highly experienced in plant assessment and upgrade strategy.

Operational Optimization

Designed to optimize workflow and productivity, Rotoflow service agreements are flexible and can be custom-designed to your specific operational needs. Under a typical Rotoflow O&M arrangement, we will staff your plant with experienced Rotoflow personnel and provide day-to-day and long-term operation and maintenance expertise.


If you are having turboexpander issues but are not sure they require onsite field service, you can call Rotoflow 24/7/365 for consultative troubleshooting with an engineering, manufacturing, or repair expert. If we find that your problem cannot be handled over the phone, we can send a field service technician to your facility.