The Ultimate Efficiency

Serving a range of markets where precision and reliability are key, Rotoflow merges expert design/build and operational insight into a single resource. Superior engineering and manufacturing lead to on-target solutions for each of these markets.


Essential to a long list of critical processes, the industrial gas market includes the use of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, and carbon monoxide. Rotoflow is highly experienced in the separation, compression, and processing of these gases and other gaseous compounds—and backed by the industrial gas expertise of Air Products.



Rotoflow is both a pioneer and leader in turboexpander technology in natural gas applications. In 1958, Dr. Judson S. Swearingen, founder of the original Rotoflow Corporation, initiated the program for building and operating the world’s first hydrocarbon turboexpander. Today, Rotoflow designs and manufactures specialized turboexpanders used in processes that remove heavy hydrocarbons from natural gas and transform gaseous natural gas into liquefied natural gas (LNG).



By harnessing heat or pressure, Rotoflow turboexpanders can be used to create new energy. Applications can include converting waste heat or pressure into power, electricity, or geothermal power. Rotoflow turboexpanders are designed for efficient energy recovery from excess pressure (pressure letdown), geothermal sources, and waste heat.