Generator-Loaded Expanders

Rotoflow’s generator-loaded turboexpanders offer the best match of efficiency and long-term capital investment, providing refrigeration and economic power recovery in air separation and liquefaction facilities. Used for gas service and dense fluid applications, our generator-loaded expanders offer efficient, low-cost designs for power recovery on new or existing processes. Features include an expander impeller mounted directly to the gearbox pinion to eliminate the need for high-speed coupling and an extra set of high-speed bearings.

Direct-Drive Generator-Loaded Expanders

The direct-drive option, when feasible, eliminates the need for speed reduction, gearboxes, and associated equipment

Integrally Geared Generator-Loaded Expanders

Rotoflow’s high-efficiency integrally geared generator-loaded expanders are directly mounted to a parallel shaft gearbox. Single or multiple stages can be configured on a single gearbox, and all equipment is aerodynamically optimized for your exact application and process.

Externally Geared Generator-Loaded Expanders

Expanders with an external gearbox feature patented bearings, with a common oil supply system for the complete package.

Multi-Stage Generator-Loaded Expanders

Designed for cryogenic service, Rotoflow’s multi-stage generator-loaded expanders are based on innovative system designs that maximize performance and efficiency. Expander packages can be customized to meet all application requirements.

Typical Design Capabilities

Power4 to 5,000 kW
(6 to 6,705 hp)
32 to 22,569 kW
(43 to 30,265 hp)
SpeedUp to 40,000 rpmUp to 50,000 rpm
Inlet Pressure4 to 100 barg
(60 to 1,450 psig)
1.7 to 210 barg
(25 to 3,045 psig)
Temperature-200 to +150°C
(-320 to +300°F)
-270 to +340°C
(-454 to +644°F)
Outlet Flow57 to 21,000 am3/hr
(33 to 12,360 ACFM)
56 to 163,173 am3/hr
(33 to 96,040 ACFM)
Impellers89 to 483mm
(3.5 to 19.0 in.)
70 to 1,270mm
(2.75 to 50 in.)
Rotoflow generator-loaded turboexpander used for gas service and dense fluid applications