Rotoflow Turboexpander Technology

A turboexpander is designed to extract energy from a process gas. High-pressure gas enters the expander case, passes through the expander nozzles where it is directed into the expander impeller, and then exits through the expander discharge at a lower pressure and temperature. The energy removed from the gas stream by the expander can be used to provide compression power to the process cycle.

Accessory System

  • Turboexpander products available in fully skidded packages including oil lubricating and seal gas systems
  • Broad range of standard and customized packages
  • Systems designed to meet customer requirements and API standards
  • Various packaged control systems from standalone to fully integrated
  • Optional PLC-based control


  • Modular plug-in packages and full range of spares
  • Spare assemblies with simple “plug-in” design to reduce downtime
  • Rapid delivery and competitive pricing for spare parts
  • Worldwide technical and repair support