Energy-Dissipative Expanders

Available in three types, Rotoflow’s energy-dissipative turboexpanders are commonly found providing low-cost refrigeration options for efficient hydrocarbon, air separation, and liquefaction operations. Our energy-dissipative expanders are often used to provide refrigeration for cryogenic gas separation facilities. Features include high efficiency (in excess of 87%) and a wide range of sizes designed to meet a variety of customer requirements. Our proven designs have millions of successful hours of operation in Air Products plants, where they are simple to operate and maintain.

Oil-Loaded Energy-Dissipative Expanders

Rotoflow’s oil-loaded energy-dissipative expanders are ideal for low-process-flow conditions where it is not economical to recover the potential energy. Applications include ethylene plants, air separation, helium liquefaction, and hydrogen purification. Robust oil bearing designs eliminate the need for additional active thrust control components.

Blower-Loaded Energy-Dissipative Expanders

Blower-loaded energy-dissipative expanders from Rotoflow can be designed for use with compliant foil gas or ball bearings with mist lubrication. Energy dissipation is achieved through loading the expander with an atmospheric blower (ETAO and ETAB series).

Resistor-Loaded Energy-Dissipative Expanders

Our energy-dissipative turboexpanders deliver high value to our customers because they offer world-class efficiency, high reliability, and low cost. These expanders are commonly found providing low-cost refrigeration options for the world’s most efficient air separation and liquefaction facilities.

Typical Design Capabilities

Power6 to 229 kW
(8 to 308 hp)
3 to 6,249 kW
(4 to 8,380 hp)
SpeedUp to 95,000 rpmUp to 105,000 rpm
Inlet Pressure1.5 to 41.5 barg
(22 to 600 psig)
1.7 to 210 barg
(25 to 3,045 psig)
Temperature-200 to +150°C
(-320 to +300°F)
-270 to +340°C
(-454 to +644°F)
Outlet Flow40 to 4,984 am3/hr
(24 to 2,933 ACFM)
24 to 90,199 am3/hr
(14 to 53,089 ACFM)
Impellers53 to 214mm
(2.1 to 8.4 in.)
32 to 828mm
(1.25 to 33 in.)
Rotoflow ETAO-5PL Spec Compliant Expander used for low-cost refrigeration for efficient hydrocarbon, air separation, & liquefaction operations