A New Level of Expertise

Rotoflow brings a new level of expertise to the design, build, and support of mission-critical turbomachinery. As one of the only OEMs both manufacturing and operating turbomachinery, we know the equipment and processes. This unique access to operational data enables Rotoflow to continuously incorporate this feedback and knowledge into our machinery design to deliver ongoing reliability, safety, and value.

Who We Are

Rotoflow, an Air Products business, combines the industry’s most trusted name in turbomachinery with world-leading industrial gas expertise. We are a turbomachinery company backed by more than 125 years of combined experience. We have collectively built over 4,000 expanders and offer world-class mean time between failures measured at over 20 years. Our proven designs have millions of successful hours of operation, and we have more than 3,000 units currently operating worldwide.

What We Do

Rotoflow is transforming the hydrocarbon, LNG, petrochemical, and industrial gas markets with proven performance and high value. Our combined capabilities are the key to this new level of quality. Technological innovations expertly integrated with decades of know-how equal valued products and world-class service that meets today’s precise market demands.

Our History

Rotoflow is both a pioneer and leader in turboexpander technology in natural gas applications. In 1958, Dr. Judson S. Swearingen, founder of the original Rotoflow Corporation, initiated the program for building and operating the world’s first hydrocarbon turboexpander. During this time period, Dr. Swearingen also worked with engineers from Air Products to develop Air Products’ first turboexpanders. Air Products has been a cryogenic turbomachinery expert for over 75 years, deploying over 1,600 expanders within its ASU and LNG plants worldwide.


Air Products founded


First Air Products cryogenic turbomachinery developed


Air Products develops its first compressor-loaded expanders


Rotoflow founded by Dr. Swearingen after developing the first practical application of radial turboexpanders in hydrocarbon processes


First Air Products hydrocarbon expander developed


Air Products turbomachinery demonstrates 92.5% efficiency


Air Products turbomachinery used in land-based LNG liquefaction application


Air Products turbomachinery used in floating LNG liquefaction application


Air Products turbomachinery used in world’s largest ASU complex


Rotoflow is acquired by Air Products


Air Products turbomachinery and the acquired Rotoflow products branded together as Rotoflow, an Air Products business


Rotoflow Houston Solution Center opens in Houston, Texas


New Global Headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


Rotoflow Dhahran Solution Center opens in Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Rotoflow Shanghai Solution Center opens in Shanghai, China