Peak Performance, High Value

Rotoflow is the leading expert in turbomachinery technology, equipment, and system design, working within a variety of applications that demand peak performance, exceptional product design, and high value. Our advanced design tools and capabilities combined with streamlined project management processes allow for a beneficial match between efficiency and capital investment.

Air Separation

Rotoflow’s compressor-loaded expanders are ideal for air separation applications where power and capital cost are critical. We offer a wide range of air separation technologies, from small modularized units to full-scale cryogenic systems.


Rotoflow offers a full range of cryogenic equipment specifically engineered for the transfer and compression of hydrogen (H2). Typically stored in liquid form, H2 is used in fuel applications for land, air, and marine vehicles.


Industrial gases often need to be contained and transported. Rotoflow designs and produces reciprocating compressors used for the storage of helium as well as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO/CO2, and other gaseous compounds produced through air separation.


Rotoflow offers leading-edge hydrocarbon technology to the petroleum refining industry. Our products and services are aimed at solving technical, commercial, and cost-related challenges.

Dew Point Control

Rotoflow turboexpanders provide exceptional hydrocarbon refrigeration. Accomplished by cooling gas through expansion and separation of water content, hydrocarbon dew point control is one of the industry’s simplest and most cost-effective gas treatment processes.

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Recovery

Plants that specialize in removing hydrocarbons (ethane, propane, butane, pentane, etc.) from natural gas in order to provide methane to pipelines are called Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) recovery plants. These plants use Rotoflow expander compressors to ensure zero emissions and eliminate vented seal gases.

Nitrogen Rejection Unit (NRU)

Rotoflow cryogenic separation technology is used in Nitrogen Rejection Units (NRUs), which remove nitrogen from natural gas (nitrogen is partially condensed). Rotoflow helps LNG plants optimize nitrogen recovery, increase profitability, and minimize emissions.

LNG Liquefaction

Rotoflow provides proven LNG (liquefied natural gas) liquefaction process equipment to facilities utilizing baseload LNG capacity applications. Rotoflow supplies main cryogenic heat exchangers for LNG plants around the globe.

LNG Peak Shaving

Rotoflow turboexpander technology, whether used with methane, nitrogen, or a combination of both, adds increased versatility to peak shaving processes used within LNG production and transport.

LNG Boil-Off Gas Reliquefication

When LNG carriers unload, gas volumes can be balanced and reliquefied using Rotoflow hydrocarbon turboexpanders. Rotoflow compressor-load expanders are used for reliquefication within plants where natural gas is used for power generation.


Rotoflow turboexpanders are used to produce cryogenic temperatures in facilities producing ethylene or ammonia. Rotoflow technology allows high levels of ethylene recovery and efficient cryogenic processes by ensuring extremely high turboexpander efficiency.

Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH)

One of the industry’s newest means of producing propylene, propane dehydrogenation (PDH) is an application that utilizes turboexpanders to create cryogenic temperatures low enough to convert propane into propylene and hydrogen. Rotoflow turboexpanders provide the isentropic efficiency needed for effective PDH.

Pressure Letdown

Before natural gas can be distributed to end-users, the immense pressure it is stored under needs to be greatly reduced. Rotoflow turboexpanders are used in place of pressure letdown valves at natural gas pressure reduction stations, and can be used to create electricity by harnessing the power of pressure drops needed for natural gas distribution.


Advances in geothermal technology now allow medium and low temperatures in geothermal reservoirs to be turned into sustainable electricity—a process made possible by Rotoflow turboexpander generators. This process allows the generation of sustainable electricity and increases the cost efficiency of geothermal power.

Waste Heat Recovery

Rotoflow turboexpanders are a crucial component of waste heat recovery, a process that converts excess heat created by industrial production into electricity. Waste heat recovery makes valuable use of heat that would otherwise be released into the air. Waste heat power generation is a cost-effective investment within a variety of industries.