As one of the only OEMs both manufacturing and operating turbomachinery, Rotoflow brings a unique expertise to the design, manufacture, and repair of turboexpanders and expander spare parts used in hydrocarbon, LNG, petrochemical and industrial gas applications around the world. We are ISO 9001 certified and have the highest level of skilled employees to support us in every step of our process — from engineering design to equipment manufacturing to field service.

Our core products include companders, generator-loaded expanders, and reciprocating cryogenic pumps.

We offer both standard and custom-engineered cryogenic and warm gas centrifugal turbomachinery used for refrigeration and power recovery in diverse market segments. Depending on your needs, we can customize our equipment to meet customer requirements and applicable regulations. Our focus is on delivering the right solution and we will take the time to understand your application in order to provide a total solution no matter how small or complex.

Typical Design Capabilities

Power4 to 14,000 kW
(16 to 18,774 hp)
3 to 22,569 kW
(4 to 30,265 hp)
SpeedUp to 105,000 rpmUp to 105,000 rpm
Inlet Pressure1.5 to 100 barg
(22 to 1,450 psig)
1.7 to 210 barg
(25 to 3,045 psig)
Temperature-200 to +150°C
(-320 to +300°F)
-270 to +340°C
(-454 to +644°F)
Outlet Flow40 to 20,883 am3/hr
(24 to 12,292 ACFM)
24 to 163,173 am3/hr
(14 to 96,040 ACFM)
Impellers89 to 483mm
(3.5 to 19 in.)
17 to 1,270mm
(0.65 to 50 in.)

Skidded turboexpander for floating LNG application