Rotoflow technician in machine shop machining a component for a Rotoflow turbo expander

Manufacturing Solutions

The production of high-performance turbomachinery is the cornerstone of the Rotoflow organization. As both a manufacturer and an operator, we are able to keep all equipment and all processes in-house, ensuring exceptional reliability and value. Our dedicated turbomachinery facilities across the globe are large enough to handle the biggest applications but focused enough to provide even the smallest projects with the quality and exceptional service that our customers expect.

Quality is Essential, Safety is Paramount

Quality standards are essential to the Rotoflow production process. Our quality control measures include inspection, balancing, ambient and cryogenic spin testing, and hydro and pneumatic pressure testing, all performed at cutting-edge inspection and testing facilities. Rotoflow is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Safety is paramount at Rotoflow. All Rotoflow turbomachinery is designed and manufactured to stringent safety requirements, and every one of our technicians has undergone extensive safety training and adheres to global safety policies.