Cryogenic turbo equipment for air separation applications

Industrial Gas Applications

Essential to a long list of critical processes, the industrial gas market includes the use of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide. Rotoflow is highly experienced in the separation, compression, and processing of these gases and other gaseous compounds—and backed by the industrial gas expertise of Air Products.

Air Separation

Rotoflow’s compressor-loaded expanders are ideal for air separation applications where power and capital cost are critical. We offer a wide range of air separation technologies, from small modularized units to full-scale cryogenic systems.


Rotoflow offers a full range of cryogenic equipment specifically engineered for the transfer and compression of hydrogen (H2). Typically stored in liquid form, H2 is used in fuel applications for land, air, and marine vehicles.


Industrial gases often need to be contained and transported. Rotoflow designs and produces reciprocating compressors used for the storage of helium as well as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO/CO2, and other gaseous compounds produced through air separation.