Turbomachinery that converts waste heat or pressure into power electricity or geothermal power

Energy Recovery Applications

By harnessing heat or pressure, Rotoflow turboexpanders can be used to create new energy. Applications can include converting waste heat or pressure into power, electricity, or geothermal power. Rotoflow turboexpanders are designed for efficient energy recovery from excess pressure (pressure letdown), geothermal sources, and waste heat.

Pressure Letdown

Before natural gas can be distributed to end-users, the immense pressure it is stored under needs to be greatly reduced. Rotoflow turboexpanders are used in place of pressure letdown valves at natural gas pressure reduction stations, and can be used to create electricity by harnessing the power of pressure drops needed for natural gas distribution.


Advances in geothermal technology now allow medium and low temperatures in geothermal reservoirs to be turned into sustainable electricity—a process made possible by Rotoflow turboexpander generators. This process allows the generation of sustainable electricity and increases the cost efficiency of geothermal power.

Waste Heat Recovery

Rotoflow turboexpanders are a crucial component of waste heat recovery, a process that converts excess heat created by industrial production into electricity. Waste heat recovery makes valuable use of heat that would otherwise be released into the air. Waste heat power generation is a cost-effective investment within a variety of industries.